The RADish Ranch

A Place for Families to find HOPE and HEALING

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What is The RADish Ranch?

The dream to build The RADish Ranch started several years ago, after vainly searching for effective treatment and therapy options for children diagnosed with RAD.

The RADish Ranch will fill in this treatment gap by providing therapeutic respite, attachment parenting coaching, therapeutic respite provider training, and family bonding camps, as well as seminars and presentations on RAD and childhood trauma.

The Ranch setting will be a quiet, peaceful environment where families can come to find healing and to rest and recharge. Children will be in a therapeutic environment that will promote healing and attachment, and give them a chance to build life skills and to learn how to love.

Adoptive, foster, and birth families that have children between the ages of newborn and 17 with a diagnosis of RAD (may be co-diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, FASD, OCD, ODD, PTSD, ASD, and/or trauma), are invited to come to the RADish Ranch to experience life changing moments.

To successfully run this business venture we are operating as a Federal Non-Profit, run by a Board of Directors consisting four amazing, like-minded individuals who have a heart for helping these wounded children and their families.

Volunteers and donors will play a huge part in the running of The RADish Ranch. It’s a way to give back to the community and show support to these amazing families.

Where will The Ranch be located?

The RADish Ranch will be located in southern Manitoba, ideally near Brandon, and within 3 hours of Winnipeg.

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The Story of the RADish

One day a young girl diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder was making a card for her mom. On the front she drew a radish in the shape of a heart, giving it a face, arms, and legs. When asked who the radish was, the girl replied, That’s me, I’m the RADish, because I have RAD. Being a RADish means that all the good stuff is buried deep, and I need to work hard to get through all the dirt to uncover it.” -A True Story

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