About Karen Poitras

I am a therapeutic respite provider who is dedicated to helping children and their families heal from the devastating effects of Reactive Attachment Disorder.

A former teacher, I have been working with children with RAD and their families since March of 2012 when I volunteered at one of Nancy Thomas’s Family Bonding camps. Since then I have worked at more than 10 camps putting in more than 580 volunteer hours, and have worked with over 200 children and their families.

I have worked closely with Nancy Thomas, and have been privileged to do several Extreme Family Makeovers with her.

I have also learned much about attachment from Teresa Guerard, Sarah Owen, and Deborah Hage, all outstanding attachment therapists.

In 2016 I attended a Certified Therapeutic Respite Training course taught by Nancy Thomas, and also learned from Shari Hager, and Dawn Precour.

I am certified in CPI’s Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention in order to provide safety and security when children act out and become unsafe to themselves or others.

I am also a Certified Advanced Parenting Instructor through Families By Design, offering parents the opportunity to learn Advanced Parenting skills through our online and in-person academies.

I have made it my life’s mission to help these tough kids to heal from their childhood trauma, educate more families and professionals about RAD, and help stop the cycle of infant and early childhood abuse.

“The results of such trauma [RAD] are not pretty. They may last many life times. They warp the fabric of society. It is absolutely essential that those of us with an understanding of these complicated issues raise a united call for effective intervention by society. This is not a problem that needs more study. It is a problem that needs action, now.”

The above quote, written by Foster W. Cline, M.D. in 1979, along with my strong faith in a God who heals broken hearts and holds the world in the palm of His hands, has become the driving force behind my work with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

I live in the beautiful, small town of Alexandria, Ontario, and provides support and respite to anyone in Canada and the United States.

These children CAN heal! There is HOPE for these hurt kids and their families!


About Next Generation Attachment

Next Generation Attachment is designed to help families and professionals see the great need for more knowledge, support, understanding, and treatment options for children with RAD.

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Why Next Generation Attachment?

I started Next Generation Attachment in 2015 with the goal in mind to be able to reach more families and provide support and treatment options to a wider range of individuals.

We have so many children who are hurting in North America, and so many families who are drowning and suffering from the effects of their child’s trauma.

I want to help parents and families and make a difference in the world – one child at a time.

–Karen Poitras


Karen Poitras

Next Generation Attachment

Alexandria, Ontario