Public Speaking

Are you interested in learning more about Reactive Attachment Disorder or Therapeutic Parenting? 

Do you have a group who would love to learn more?

Whether it’s a group of friends and family, an adoption or foster care support group, teachers, or health professionals, these speaking events are for you!

Choose from a variety of talks, or get one custom done for your specific needs.

Topics Covered:

  • What is RAD? Risk Factors & Symptoms
  • 6 Parts of the Brain and How They Affect Our Kids
  • Identifying High-Risk Infants and Toddlers
  • What is Therapeutic Parenting?
  • Ancient Water Tortures and The Cure
  • Having Fun with Therapeutic Parenting
  • Keeping The Caregiver Caring
  • Supporting Families Affected by RAD
  • Playtime & Snuggletime
  • A Healing Balance of Structure & Nurture
  • RAD in The Classroom
  • Therapeutic Respite

Karen Poitras is a passionate and lively speaker who keeps her audience enthralled and involved. She speaks from her heart to bring hope and new tools to families and professionals living and working with children with RAD.

Contact Karen at for availability and pricing.

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“Extremely interesting and informative! Looking forward to learning more!” — M. Thiessen, MB

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“Very Interesting and helpful! Well brought!” —D. Penner, MB

“Very informative! Thank you.” — G. Toews, MB

“Very awesome info! Thanks heaps!” —G. Doerksen, MB

“Thanks for helping me understand this!” —L. Warkentin, MB

“Enjoyed the evening. Lots of common sense stuff! Keep up the good work.” —S. Penner, MB

“Very good information. I appreciate your talk and training.” —M. Penner, MB

“Very good basic teaching. Keep it up!” R. Toews, MB

“Enjoyed your talk! You’re doing a good job in your work!!” —L. Wohlgemuth, MB

“Very interesting and informative! Thank you!” — G. Isaac, MB

“Great job! Thank you!” —C. Barkman, MB

“We really enjoyed your talks! Thanks for all you do!!” — J. Koehn, MN

“Thanks so much for giving these talks! It was really helpful.” —M. Boeckner, MN

“Thanks so much for your efforts in coming! Your talks were greatly inspiring!” —A. Yost, MN

“Thank you for the very interesting and informative teaching. You are so great!” —L. Jantz, MN

“You’re doing an awesome work!” —J. Toews, AR

“Impressive!!” —J. Koehn, AR

“You are AMAZING!! :)” —K. Terry, AR