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Baby Wraps & Slings

Product Reviews

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My beautiful cousin Dayamis, with her 2 month old lil’ baby. So cute!!







Cliente Satisfaite!

J’ai reçu aujourd’hui mon merveilleux ring sling! Je l’adore! Belle couture, belle qualité de tissu, belle largeur à l’épaule. BRAVO! J’attend de finir de le nettoyer pour m’en servir avec impatience.


Satisfied Client!

Today I received my wonderful ring sling! I love it! Nice sewing, good quality fabric, and a nice width across the shoulder. BRAVO! I’m waiting impatiently for it to come out of the wash so I can begin using it.

— Melanie S., Quebec

A Glimpse at Understanding RAD

Book Reviews

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“Easy to understand, giving an accurate picture of RAD with suggestions to improve life while living with a child with attachment disorder.”

“I  found the book very informative & well written. You did a great job!”

“I like this book especially because it’s short, easy to read and very informative.”

“Well written, super clear and easy to understand so it helps to get the right help for a child sooner. That is very important for this condition.”

“It was very well written and very informative. For anyone who has or knows a child who might possibly have RAD, Ms. Poitras’ book is a perfect introduction.”

“This book is the perfect introduction to RAD. It is a desperately needed outline of what parents, especially adoptive parents, should be aware of.”

“I enjoyed reading it. It gave me the information I needed to satisfy my curiosity on RAD. Although I have never been in contact with a RAD child I will definitely store this info for possible future use. I think this book is to the point and concise, without needless info.”

*All book reviews are from anonymous readers